Welcome to KEBaubles, where we hope you find our inventory to be fun, eclectic, and inspiring. We strive to offer well made whimsical products in a variety of styles and price points. Please feel free to contact us with any special requests or questions. We will happily change the length of necklaces to fit you best. All you have to do is ask!

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I have been designing costume jewelry in the Richmond, Virginia area for 30 years.  Starting out at a small local bead shop in Carytown, I developed a love for Jewelry design.  This love eventually led me to VCU where I graduated with a Major in Jewelry/Crafts and a Minor in Art History.  I started KEBaubles in 2009 and have designed/sold over 5,000 one of a kind necklaces, countless bracelets and earrings and occasionally offer manufactured seasonal items that I source.

I love my new necklace! Thank you for making it fit just right! 

We strive to make beautiful one of a kind designs. We hope there is something for everyone!